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Jacobs Creek Watershed Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources, rehabilitation of the creek and watershed, environmental education and recreation.

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Macro Mania!

A great time was had by all this past Thursday at our Macro Mania! event at White Bridge Road!

Participants learned about scientific sampling methods and explored the ecology of aquatic macroinvertebrates hands on! We observed over 15 taxa, including a HUGE hellgrammite (Eastern Dobsonfly) larva that was the highlight of the night!

The presence of these and other indicator species like stoneflies and water pennies tell us that Jacobs Creek is overall quite healthy at this site!

JCWA was able to purchase new sampling equipment through a PA DEP Environmental Education Grant received earlier this year!

Students Enjoy a Day on the Creek!

Last Friday we had a great day out with the 7th and 8th Graders of Mt. Pleasant Middle School for their annual Trout-in-the-Classroom Release Day!

Students spent the year raising baby trout from eggs to be released into the cold waters of Jacobs Creek on the Laurelville property. While they were there, they also participated in various outdoor activities including sampling Macroinvertebrates with JCWA Program Coordinator Alex Busato! Students had a great time in the creek and learned about the importance of aquatic insects as indicators of water quality.

Thanks again for having us Mt. Pleasant Middle School!

Students sample the stream bottom for Macroinvertebrates using a kick net. Not do they serve as food for the student’s trout to grow on, but macroinvertebrates can tell a lot about the overall health of the creek ecosystem!

Wetland Walks Begin!

Last Thursday was JCWA’s first ever Wetland Walk!

Attendees had a great time exploring a wetland environment, encountering numerous species of bird and amphibian. Probably the most memorable were the American Toads that were singing to attract mates in the flooded roadway! (Photo by Alex Busato)

If you missed out this past week but want to learn more about wetlands and the critters that live in them, JCWA will be hosting two more of these events in May and June. See the link for additional details and sign-ups. Spots are limited!

An American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) calls in the setting sun at the Jacobs Creek Wetlands