Other Education Programs

Wetland Walks

April, May, June

The newest of JCWA’s programs, Wetland Walks are targeted at an older audience to explore the Jacobs Creek Wetlands. Attendees can learn about why wetland ecosystems are important for biodiversity and the overall health of a watershed. They’ll also get up-close encounters with the wide variety of unique birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, insects, and plants that call our wetland home!

In order to ensure we have the best encounters with wildlife, Wetland Walks have a limited availability and preregistration is required. See our Facebook or search “Jacobs Creek Watershed” on Eventbrite.com for dates and registration!

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Macro Mondays

October, November, March, April

These events showcase some of the lesser-known creatures of the creek, the Macroinvertebrates! Macroinvertebrates are any animal in the creek with 1) no backbone that are 2) visible with the naked eye. Participants will don a set of waders to sample the streambed for a variety of insect larvae, crustaceans, snails, and more! Not only does this event series give participants a chance to learn about the complex dynamics of macroinvertebrate communities and their relationship to water quality, but it also helps JCWA maintain a record of biodiversity to inform our future projects and decisions on the creek.

See our Facebook or search “Jacobs Creek Watershed” on Eventbrite.com for dates and registration! Or click here to learn more about Macroinvertebrates.



With its relative isolation and dark skies, Greenlick Run Lake provides a great venue for amateur astronomy! Hear guest lectures on astronomy topics and use JCWA’s telescopes to peer into the night sky.

No current dates for this program are planned. See our Facebook for updates