PreK – Elementary Programs

Tot-Time Day Camp

For ages 2-5

Our annual summer day camps are by far our most popular education event! Hosted at Greenlick Run Lake, Tot-Time exposes young children to topics related to wildlife, landscapes, and stewardship through an immersive outdoor experience. Each year we change themes to focus on different topics, with past themes including “Adaptations,” “Habitats,” and “Senses.” Participants also get to participate in active games and make fun crafts to take home!

Registration is required for this event, and spots are limited. See our Facebook or search “Jacobs Creek Watershed” on for details and registration for this year’s camp!

Nature Explorer’s Day Camp

For ages 6-9

A response to parents who were sad to see their kids outgrow Tot-Time, Nature Explorers exposes older kids to environmental topics in greater detail. Nature Explorers keeps the same crafts, activities, and fun of its younger sibling Tot-Time, but also introduces new aspects like expert guest speakers and opportunities for self-guided exploration. Nature Explorers is hosted alongside Tot-Time at Greenlick Run Lake over 4 weeks in summer.

Registration is required for this program and usually fills up very quickly! See our Facebook or search “Jacobs Creek Watershed” on for details and registration for this year’s camp!


In this activity, kids learn about the needs of a human society and how those needs can create pollution on the land and in the water. Using our Enviroscape™, kids help place different foods in a “town” to represent different land-based pollutions. At the end, we show what happens to all that pollution every time it rains. The program gives kids a great visualization of how watersheds work and the effects pollution can have on the whole environment. When time is permitting, we often pair this activity with a short nature walk or other activities.

If you are affiliated with a school or daycare interested in hosting a Build-a-Watershed Activity, Contact Us!