Secondary School Programs

Creek Connections

A program organized by Allegheny College, Creek Connections gives students an opportunity to explore the chemistry and biology of their local waterways. Allegheny College provides JCWA with chemical testing equipment and teaching resources to bring into the classroom. Students not only learn how to perform these tests, but their data is actually put to use to further scientific understanding of the creek! Classroom visits are monthly throughout the year, allowing students to experience all the testing procedures and track changes in the creek throughout the year.

Find more information on the Creek Connections program here, or Contact Us to enroll your classroom in the program!

Field Trips

JCWA has helped organize and participate in a variety of school field trips, offering several different programs depending on grade level and desired focus. Field trip experiences include Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Study, Water Chemistry Testing, Wildlife Hikes, Kayaking, Tree Planting, a Water Filtration Activity, and more!

Interested in organizing a field trip for your class? Contact Us!

Trout in the Classroom

This program, a partnership between the PA Fish & Boat Commission and the PA Council of Trout Unlimited, brings fish into the classroom for students to help raise over the course of the year. Students can watch their young Brook Trout grow from eggs all the way into fingerlings in a coldwater tank set-up. Along the way, they can learn about topics in water quality, ecology, and fisheries management.

JCWA is not responsible for Trout in the Classroom applications and set-up, but is happy to help when it comes time to release the fingerling trout at the end of the school year! The coldwater reaches of Jacobs Creek near Laurelville Retreat Center provide great habitat for the young fish.

Check out PA Trout in the Classroom for details on this program.