Creek Falls Clean-Up


Creek Falls is Jacobs Creek’s largest natural waterfall, a beautiful cascade forming as the waters of the creek cut through a geologic feature known as the Fayette Anticline. Located on private property about an mile into the woods, Creek Falls (or “Crick” Falls as the locals call it) unfortunately is also a popular party spot and swimming hole for local youth in the summertime. These illegal activities give Creek Falls a bad reputation, and over the years several teenagers have lost their lives to the rushing waters after diving into the pool below.

While JCWA does not endorse visitation to Creek Falls by any members of the public, the extensive litter left by trespassing party-goers each summer creates an ecological hazard that needs to be removed to maintain the health of Jacobs Creek.

In the past, JCWA has organized large annual clean-up efforts at Creek Falls to cut back on litter left in the summer by swimmers and partiers. These events removed hundreds of pounds of refuse each year, picked up by hand and hauled out by our volunteers in ATVs. Unfortunately, shifts in leadership and a reduced number of volunteers have resulted in the cancellation of this event in recent years, and no future dates are currently planned.

However, if you are passionate about protecting this beautiful natural space and would like to play a part in organizing a future clean-up, we would love to revive this event.

Contact Us if you are interested!