Annie Quinn, Executive Director

Please contact Annie at 724-887-8220 ext. 3




PMSC/AmeriCorps Job Description

JCWA- job_description[AmeriCorps] Fall_2018

The Program Manager shall work, at all times, to serve the mission of Jacobs Creek Watershed Association: The Jacobs Creek Watershed Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources, rehabilitation of the creek and watershed, environmental education and recreation.

The full time, temporary (with opportunity for renewal) AmeriCorps position reports to the Executive Director.  

 Please submit Resume and Cover letter by October 5, 2018. Interviews will be held on October 8, 2018.  Send documents to:

REQUIREMENTS: Preferably a Bachelor’s degree in Non-Profit Management, Education, Science, Environmental/Natural Sciences, or related field.  Students currently earning a degree in described degree path may apply but must be available to work 42 hours per week on site.

The Project Manager is responsible for the following Activities:

  1. Education
    1. Work with the Education Committee to plan and schedule education events for 2018-2019 School Year. These include JCWA historical/annual education events and the development of new programs at new grade levels.
      1. Examples include Science at the Lake (Tot Time), Trout in the Classroom Programs, field trips, science fairs, Creek Connections (Allegheny College).
    2. This will require you to teach and work directly with student’s k-12 on environmental science programs.
    3. This position will work to expand current education relationships and opportunities to include adult-focused programs.
    4. Will help to processes communications to the general membership through the development of news releases, newsletters, brochures and associated materials. The marketing, outreach, and ‘selling’ of these programs will be important.


  1. Recreation
    1. Work with the Recreation Committee to plan and schedule recreation events for 2018-2019. Establish community partnerships to develop robust events. These events include fundraisers, members-only activities, and community-wide opportunities.
    2. Develop and implement the plan, schedule and rotation for the brand new Jacobs Creek Outdoors: Equipment Rental Program, that will be deployed Summer of 2019. The purchase, maintenance, storage, and transportation of the equipment (funded through grants) will be an important job task for this position. 
    3. Will help to develop social media and website presence and maintaining a marketing plan for each event.
    4. Attends and helps supervise all volunteer events and/or programs.
    5. Evening and weekend work will be required and may work in inclement weather.


  1. Outreach
    1. Partner with the Scottdale Borough and Mount Pleasant Borough Shade Tree Committee to develop tree planting events in each municipality.
    2. Partner with the Scottdale Borough and Mount Pleasant Borough Parks and Recreation Committee to build events and activities within the parks.
    3. Work with the JCWA Clean-Up Committee to manage and run Clean-Up events.
    4. Will work to maintain and develop the outreach program currently run at JCWA.
    5. Some evening and weekend work required and may work in inclement weather.



Finical details for PMSC/AmeriCorps position:

  • Alternate Year II Start date: October 23, 2018
  • End Date: August 9, 2019
  • # of member pays: 21
  • Bi-Weekly Stipend Amount: $654
  • Total Member Education Stipend: $5,920 (A taxable post-service education award upon successful completion of the term of service, to be used for further education or repayment of qualified student loans.)
  • Individual health insurance for full-time members, if applicable.
  • Worker’s Compensation for injuries occurring during service hours in compliance with IU8 claim guidelines.
  • A child-care stipend for full-time service, if eligible.

To be considered for a PMSC/AmeriCorps position, applicants must meet certain Legal requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years of age at the time of orientation.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. national or a lawful permanent resident alien of the United States (individuals who are in the United States under a student, work, or tourist visa are not eligible to become AmeriCorps members.)
  • Possess a minimum of a high school diploma or GED (or agree to obtain one while serving). (If 17 and in high school – agree by signature that high school is not being dropped to serve in AmeriCorps.)
  • Submit the required documentation if selected to serve (e.g. clearances, birth certificate or passport, Social Security Card, etc.).
  • Obtain satisfactory Act 151 (Child Abuse), Act 34 (Criminal) Clearances, FBI Clearance, and national sex offender’s registry clearance.