Watershed Recreation

Meeting our Mission …

Jacobs Creek Watershed Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources, rehabilitation of the creek and watershed, environmental education and recreation.



Scottdale Canoe Access Ramp
GPS Location: 40.103409, -79.581074

Jacobs Creek Watershed Association (JCWA) has spent the last year in partnership with Western Pennsylvania Conservancy working to expand recreation in our region through a grant targeted for the construction of Canoe Access Ramps.  JCWA is proud to announce the completion of construction of the organizations first ramp in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.  The ramp is located adjacent to the start of the Coal & Coke Biking and Hiking Trail that runs along the banks of the river starting off at Mt. Pleasant Road near the bridge over Stauffer Run.  Near by is an ample parking lot and pavilion. This is the start to the newest stage in JCWA programming, hoping to engage residents through recreation within our region!  We invite people to join us at the river and let your boat guide you along its water trail.  Next, JCWA has plans to work to develop the water trail by removing downed trees as well as installing other ramps with future grant applications.  For more information email JCWA: info@jacobscreekwatershed.org or call at (724) 887- 8220 x 3.  Consider joining as a member as we make our river fun for all.