Jacobs Creek Watershed is approximately 98 square miles and contains over 177 miles of streams. It is located in both Fayette and Westmoreland counties and includes portions of the following municipalities:

Fayette County Westmoreland County
Bullskin Township East Huntingdon Township
Everson Borough Mt. Pleasant Borough
Lower Tyrone Township Mt. Pleasant Township
Upper Tyrone Township Scottdale Borough
Perry Township South Huntingdon Township

JCWA Recreation Map

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JCWA Watershed Implementation Plan

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Watershed Map

Jacobs Creek originates in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. At its headwaters, the creek is a cold water stream meandering across the top of the Chestnut Ridge. It plunges off the ridge and flows swiftly until it reaches the Bridgeport Dam where it becomes a warm water stream. Jacobs Creek then weaves its way through the lowlands of the scenic Fayette-Westmoreland region. Tumbling over waterfalls and through rapids, Jacobs Creek enters the Creek Hills area before reaching its confluence with the Youghiogheny River. Jacobs Creek has many tributaries, as shown on the map above.